I'm afraid I don't have one.

How do you account for that?

Ah, I forgot my mobile phone.

Tanaka didn't know what to believe.

On New Year's Eve, Putin thanked the citizens of the Russian Federation for their willingness to stand for the country's interests.

Bob is three thousand dollars in debt.

Victor didn't want Marcia to know what had happened.

I was told that I should stay away from Panacea.

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Taurus wants to escape.

Lucy is certain to come.

I don't want to shoot you, but I will if I have to.

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You don't need to be there.


Did they give a reason?

I read the Bible in order to learn Esperanto.

The soldier refused to fire his rifle at the enemy.

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I won't risk it.

I saw your brother the other day.

Do you ever actually do any work?

I was kidding before.

There's a little problem with the car.

The urge to snack is hard to resist.

Karen lost half of his chocolate bar, but he gained one friend.


I've seen Courtney do it before.

I'll speak to her.

Takao is only going to tell you what he thinks you want to hear.

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My mother wrapped the sandwiches in paper.

There is nothing wrong with the Turkish people's power of perception.

Chip got up and went to the window.

We hear the noise of the train during the night.

Last night, I read a book.

We're not going to find them.

He won the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Let's set up a meeting.

I don't care how much it costs. I'm going to buy it anyway.


To speak is one thing and to write is another.


With all her faults, I still like her.

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Julianto wasn't the one who told me to do this.

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Don't be too picky. There aren't that many fish in the sea.


I despise Brenda.


You can't live on that island.

The river is polluted by waste from houses and factories.

Can we bring them?

That tape recorder recorded his voice.

I bought some stuff.

We know you've got plenty to say.

I'll cook tonight.

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When will you arrive?

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Norm said he'd be here in a few minutes.

I knew this was a waste of time.

I'll teach you how to play the ukulele if you want me to.

I thought we could go out and get something to eat.

In addition to his regular job, he has a lot of other activities.

Do not disturb her.

My brother is two years older than I, but he is three centimeters shorter.


He got his arm broken while he was playing soccer.

You don't look like your dad.

I'm sure Mark has other things to do.

there is no coincidence

He will arrive on June 24th.

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The industry is heavily dependent on government funding.

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There's a revision of her work.


Do you like the plan?

I can speak French, but only a little bit.

It's about thirty miles from here on Route 3.

What do you think he did?

I've never heard of this actor.


Mine is better than yours.

Congress rejected the request.

Resistance is futile.

I'm just trying to help Ted out.

The full crop yield for the year will not be enough to provide a minimum amount of revenue.

Shirley told everyone that I hated Juliane, but that's not true.

It is not far to Paris.


I spoke to Ofer myself.


We went biking in the woods yesterday.

Where do you want us to start looking?

We are afraid.


Do either of you know Jakob?

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I really hope that doesn't happen.

Sometimes it's better to remain silent.

Kelvin felt his knees tremble.

Put the key in the ignition and start the engine.

Noemi noticed a gunshot wound in Kevyn's right arm.

Everybody wants to go.

When does he come?

The cost of the house was figured out at fifty pounds.

Are you still working as a waiter?


Loren handed Thuan the book.

I didn't expect you so soon.

Racial profiling is a controversial police tactic.


Which do you like best, apples, oranges or grapes?

At times she can be absent-minded.

I promise you that from now on I'll be good.

Welcome to the USA.

I'd like to see your sister.

That was probably Laurent's point.

Everyone has the right to an effective remedy by the competent national tribunals for acts violating the fundamental rights granted him by the constitution or by law.

The Christian mythologists tell us that Christ died for the sins of the world, and that he came on Purpose to die.

What we've been asked to do is very dangerous.

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How much is this T-shirt?


It's two o'clock in the morning.

She is playing an important role in our organization.

"Boustrophedon" is an unusual word...

Because she believed in God, she had nothing to worry about.

The book shop also looks like it closes late.

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We put the futons away in the morning.

I told him to leave the room.

Sridhar still hates Hunter.


I'm different now.

We went to work.

That's what happens when you start working immediately without preparing beforehand.


Can you find it?


Have you ever eaten raw fish?

I'll take your ECG.

Why did you leave her alone?

Audrey was disrespectful, wasn't he?

Jiri became a professional golfer after he graduated from college.


You're contributing.


He did it the old fashioned way.

I'm afraid I'm not very good company.

I'm very busy in here.

Mohammad got off at the wrong station.

She says that she's tough on crime.


He has the advantage of being bilingual.

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I had to take Metin to the hospital.


Put your money where your mouth is.


She enjoyed herself at the party yesterday.

Ron was a doctor in Australia.

She finds it a little distasteful.

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The tornado is getting bigger and bigger.

You're invited to dinner.

I know a place we can get some money.


May you and your family be happy.

Maybe I'll see you there.

I used to live with him.

Ning listened to what Glenn had to say.

I haven't my dictionary at hand.

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I thought you didn't like romance movies.


Ralf wants to talk to me later at the bar.

You have some explaining to do.

Haven't I told you never to call me here?

Who do you think gave me this?

Tarmi is tall and handsome.

Not every student has a dictionary.

He knows how to check his e-mail box.


I saw them at the funeral today.


According to Elsa, Christie used to live in Boston.

Rik, tell me your email address.

Don't you dare come here again!

His methods are not scientific.

Would it be OK if I played your guitar?

The English Channel separates England and France.

How are things going with your youngest sister?

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Today, Tokyo will get very cold.


I'm afraid I have to turn you down.