I want this dog.

We have no school tomorrow.

I hate horror films.

On his getting to Tokyo, I'll telephone you.


A large ship appeared on the horizon.

She will turn 15 tomorrow.

I think I saw a UFO last night.


Our eyes, our ears, our sense of smell, our taste create as many truths as there are men on earth.

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I don't think it would be wise to argue with Piercarlo.

The dog is trained to watch for thieves.

Ann gave an account of how she had escaped.

You still manage to disappoint me.

They shot the film in an actual desert.

I didn't want to see her again.

The classical periodization of history studies in Ancient times, the Middle Ages and Modern Era is based on a Eurocentrist world view.

"It's not my fault if you lose things." "But you stole them from me!"

Max went to the swimming pool.


Please give me what I want.


I'm crazy about football.

I'd like to look at the wine list.

I want to take part to the next triathlon.


Do you know where to find him?

Sandeep lives around here somewhere.

I don't understand where I went wrong.

To where leads this difficult path?

See what we can find out about Russ.


The jungle was dense and thick.

I hear you think I'm crazy.

The river is frozen over.


Takeda holds a 3th dan in "kendo", a 2th dan in "iaido".


Can you speak French well?


What killed Norm?

Suwandi asked Vance to lock the door.

The smell of dirty socks makes me want to throw up.


We should've stayed till the end of the party.

I can lend you one if you want.

How about playing chess tonight?

I'll check in on you tomorrow.

It's a shadow.

Subtract three from eight and you get five.

We were terrified.

Good morning, you sleepyheads!

So, are you really a nurse?

Don't you feel stupid now?

John said that he had met this man at the conference.

We could meet you at 2:30.

Who are those men?


This is a never-ending task.


There's nothing harder than a diamond.

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He could not attend the party because of illness.

Marci knows the stakes.

He counts up to six.

Nobody can get along with such a person.

I can't find No.


That's a picture of Ravindranath and his cat.


I plan to see him on Monday.

Robert occasionally visits me.

The hopes and prayers of liberty-loving people everywhere march with you.

He laughed until he cried.

She exercises every day at a fitness club.


It took me some time to calm down.

I certainly had no idea Luke would be coming over tonight.

He'll be granted American citizenship.


What's the use?

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They were hindered in their study.

The spinning top skidded across the floor.

I was relieved to hear that he was alive.


I anticipated a quiet vacation in the mountains.


We stayed behind to help Eugene.

Shut up and kiss me.

I think it's time I left.

We managed to get along.

Serving in the special forces was exciting.


I think Rick is exaggerating a little.


Do not leave the console or accessories in a car with its windows closed (particularly in summer).

I wonder what King thinks.

Stupidity knows no bounds.

Take a fresh look at your lifestyle.

I cannot sing in Chinese. It's too difficult.


I'd like to get to know them.


I write Chinese.

She doesn't seem to be an American.

Many parents think there's too much violence on television.

You didn't tell Liber where to meet us, did you?

Mr Koizumi is really full of himself.

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Pilot was shot through the heart.

Could you please expand the topic?

Valerie likes to push the limits.

Sarah made the football team.

Stir, and you are a dead man.


She seems to hate you.


He put a mark on the page.


That's a pretty picture.

People liked him all the better for his faults.

The busses are especially crowded during rush hour.

I just decided I'd come home early.

What are you going to be when you grow up?

I think it's time for me to put new bait on the hook.

I don't want Sedat telling me how to run my business.

It's hard to believe that's a coincidence.

Are you saying I smell bad?

Shall we go to a little more upscale restaurant?

Keep her from eating too much.

The papers say that there was a big fire in Nagoya.

It wasn't as expensive as I expected.

"Do you like costumes?" "I love costumes!"

We were ambushed.


Don't give her your number.

What would you like me to tell Trying?

He might have lied to me.

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He carelessly forgot the camera on the bus.

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Children should not be spoiled.

I wish I could be more optimistic, but I don't think things will get better soon.

I'll be seeing Mosur later this afternoon.

Do you want to go on a trip with me?

Hi. How are you doing?

I met Charlie when I was thirteen.

We're closer than we've ever been.

I'll let you know when I'm ready.

The sign means that the answer is correct.

I went after him, but I lost him in the crowd.

She was an intelligent woman with an erotic aura.

Polyphemus, the son of Neptune, had one eye in his forehead.

It was adequate.

Can you blame me?

What are you going to get Shadow for his birthday?


It's all a little confusing, isn't it?

Moses is looking at it.

They appointed a judge.

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After her first date with Eileen, Jesse was distracted all day, couldn't concentrate on her classes and didn't feel hungry.

Tomas is now paralyzed.

The plan was a masterpiece of fraud.


I'm a good father.

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There's a defect here.


He cried out what a nice day it was.

Is this tooth sensitive to cold foods?

Jose has always managed to stay one step ahead of us.

I have no intention of cheating. What's the point?

I telephoned him to come at once.

He bought a new car, but we didn't know anything about that.

Here are two stamps.


Lord's favorite movie is "Rise of the Planet of the Squirrels."

She smacked him across the face.

I know exactly what Luis is talking about.

He did 100 push-ups in three minutes.

They glanced around.


Whether we go or not depends on the weather.

My feet hurt.

You're just trying to scare me.

He always thinks ten steps ahead.

Srinivasan and Tovah shared stories about their life in Boston.

Unfortunately, I'll have to pass.

We haven't got all day.

I would often visit the museum when I lived in Kyoto.

Lorraine wanted to understand why Peter didn't like him.

Everybody does that.

Mr Norton is pleasant to work with.


The moon is not a good place to live on.


All during my trip I could not keep you out of my mind.